Property Purchase in Czech Republic:

Even When Living Abroad?

Thanks to our cooperation with ANOMIA, with whom we and our clients have excellent experience, it is indeed possible.

We can handle the entire purchase process for you, from viewing to handing over the keys - you don't even have to visit the Czech Republic once during that time.

The purchase is always secured by a legal escrow, which is clearly stated in the contract, so the whole process is very secure.

Most Important Points of

Our Service

And many other useful things that you might not have done otherwise and might regret later...

  • Complete Legal Service Including Consultation
  • Representation In Negotiations With Authorities (cadastral, financial, construction,...)
  • Evaluation Of The Technical Condition of the Property by an Expert
  • Conducting Business Negotiations in Order to Negotiate a Lower Price
  • Creation of purchase contracts, or check of contracts by the selling party (so that the seller doesn't try some sort of fraud)
  • Energy Transfer Including Market Comparison
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What Our Services Include

Pricing of our services is individual depending on the specific case, but price of the following services are ranging from 1,5 to 3% of the property price (the price includes all official fees associated with the purchase of the property).


  • Asistence with searching (communicating with sellers, translating viewings etc.)
  • Conversion CZK/EUR or GBP via partner exchange company (transfer fee 0,3%)
  • Supervision and control of the entire purchase process
  • Communicating with the seller to possibly reduce the purchase price
  • Advice on the location of the apartment (if it is located in a particularly noisy area, etc.)
  • Legal service
  • The possibility of your representation through a power of attorney, which would allow the purchase of the apartment to be processed despite your possible absence in the Czech Republic
  • If you plan to rent out the apartment, we can find tenants for you, prepare lease agreements and advise on how to set up tax returns, etc.
  • Arranging financing (mortgages etc.)


  • Full legal service including:
  • Creation of purchase contracts, or check of contracts by the selling party (so that the seller doesn't try some sort of fraud)
  • Creation of attorney's escrow
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering Measures) processing
  • Delivery and execution of documents to the Land Registry
  • Handover of the property including energy transcription


  • Preparation of an appraisal of the property to be purchased
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of the property
  • Attorney’s escrow handled by vetted attorneys registered with the Chamber of Attorneys of the Czech Republic

Bronze Package

Pricing plan for startup company


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  • Collaboration with up to 10 users
  • Collaboration with up to 10 users
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Let Your Apartment

Make Money

If you do not plan to live in the purchased apartment immediately, we can arrange a rental apartment from which you will earn a money.

  • Procurement of tenants
  • Arranging contractual documentation
  • Dealing with taxes
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